Nutrition, Meal Sites, Education & Counseling


Nutrition is a key component to staying well.  Many aspects of aging can significantly impact our ability to eat and drink well.  Limited mobility, fixed income, medical conditions, chewing and swallowing problems, depression, arthritis, poor vision, and memory loss are just some of the contributors to less than optimal intake.  

Senior Resources coordinates and/or funds several options for improving nutrition through assistance, access and education to persons over 60 years old including Older Americans Act Title IIIC Elderly Nutrition Programs, caregiver education and support, self-management educational programs, benefits screening and referral to additional local agencies.  

Senior Resources’ Registered Dietitian provides a variety of services and programs in our area to promote better nutrition for older adults. This is includes phone consultation, menu review, monitoring, educational material creation, research, and individualized counseling and assessment of Senior Nutrition Program Participants.    

Please contact us at 860-887-3561 or 1-800-690-6998 if you have a specific question. 

Community Cafes (Congregate Meal Program)

Community Cafes offer a nutritious meal in a social setting where participants can gather, eat well, have fun and discover additional resources in their area. Anonymous donations are requested but not required. The meals meet 1/3 of the daily Dietary Reference Intake (DRIs) for seniors. The DRIs establish nutrient levels of needed nutrients by age and gender that are necessary for health and to decrease the risk of chronic disease. Menus are developed monthly and include special events, ethnic themes and traditional favorites along with low fat milk, whole grain breads and plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Meals are excellent for people with common conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Group nutrition education is offered quarterly at each congregate meal site.  Please contact the café in your area for specific serving times and to make reservations.

For a list of Community Cafes in eastern Connecticut contact Kathy Chase at 860-383-1536.

Meals on Wheels

Home delivered meals are provided to seniors who cannot leave their home on a regular basis.  Meals are typically delivered hot as a midday meal with an additional cold meal for the evening when necessary.  The daily contact with friendly and specially trained drivers is a tremendous additional benefit, providing “More than just a Meal”.  Meals are federally funded but donations are requested.  Each meal provides 1/3 of the daily Dietary Reference Intake for seniors with an overall plan well suited for low sodium, cardiac, diabetes and other medical concerns.

Home delivered meal recipients are visited by our Registered Dietitian annually for an individualized in-home assessment with education and counseling as needed. This is also an opportunity to provide access to other potential service needs so that the homebound client has similar access to services offered through our offices and local senior centers. 

To start Meals on Wheels, contact:

Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc. (TVCCA):  
81 Stockhouse Road
Bozrah, CT  06334
(800) 560-5015 or (860) 886-1720;  serving New London and Windham Counties

The Estuary
220 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT  06475
(860) 388-1611  serving all of Middlesex County

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs

Senior Resources can assist with application and use of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly known as food stamps.  Seniors enjoy a less complicated application process and a less frequent re-evaluation period (2 years v. 6 months) than non-senior applicants.  SNAP benefits are now provided in a less conspicuous way by use of a debit card.   

Eligible Seniors generally receive between $20 and $200 per month for the purchase of food, based on need. Find more information at or try the pre-screening tool at  Consider having a benefit screening through the Benefits Counseling program for more holistic approach to meeting a variety of needs.  Seniors may qualify for additional programs which help with the whole financial, physical and emotional needs of aging.  There is a definite benefit to applying to some programs in particular order or through less complicated methods.  The end result is a better plan of making life better, easier and healthier.

Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) serves seniors who are over the age of 60 and meet income eligibility guidelines. Each season, participants are issued benefits from senior distribution sites via an electronic benefit card, to purchase at authorized Connecticut-grown farmers markets across the state, fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, eggs (state funds only), and honey. The program runs from July 1 to November 30 annually. The new benefit amount for 2024 will be $50 per individual. 

Please click on the Authorized Redemption Locations for information on authorized senior distribution sites, certified farmers’ markets, and certified farm stands. This page includes a map of all authorized locations for easy shopping. 

Food Pantries

Food Pantries are available in many areas. They can provide fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, and other healthy foods for FREE to individuals and families in need. Times of service and location can vary.  Please contact your local senior center or call the State Information line 2-1-1 for free 24/7 for updated information and food availability beyond New London County. Please click here for current listings of where to find food in New London County. 

For more information about meals or assistance with food, please call Senior Resources at 860-887-3561 or 1-800-690-6998.