Benefits Checkup

Senior Resources provides preliminary screening for many general state and/or federal benefits or supports. These program include energy assistance, Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders, pharmaceutical assistance, SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid (Title 19), Medicare, general assistance, tax relief, supplemental security income and much more.

Benefits Check Up is a nationwide online information service which helps identify eligibility for public, financial, health and supportive service for older adults. Simply click on the Benefits Check Up symbol, complete the questionnaire, and within a few minutes you will be provided with an explanation of programs you may be eligible for and the steps necessary to apply.

It is completely confidential. It does not require your name, address, telephone number or Social Security number. The information an individual enters is only used to determine potential eligibility for benefits.

It is helpful to have the necessary information to complete the questionnaire at your fingertips before beginning. You’ll need the following information about yourself or the person you are helping:

  • State and zip code
  • Date of birth for self and spouse
  • Type of resident (house, apartment or mobile home)
  • Length of time in current residence
  • Veteran status for self and spouse
  • Employment history for self and spouse
  • Names of prescription medications
  • Current income and assets
  • Estimate of current expenses

For more information about services available and how to obtain them, please call us at 860-887-3561.