Finding affordable, safe housing is a challenge.  There are a number of types of housing including private homes, subsidized public housing, congregate housing complexes, and assisted living facilities.  

For more information about the type of housing you are interested in, please follow one of the links below.

Private Housing

The Connecticut Housing Search website is a FREE resource for finding and listing housing anywhere in Connecticut.  Property providers across the state can post apartments and houses for rent at any time.  This service is updated daily so be sure to check back often for new listing. http://www.CTHousingSearch.org

Subsidized Housing

The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) maintains a listing of subsidized housing information as well as other helpful hints for seniors.    https://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/topics/information_for_senior_citizens

Assisted Living

Assisted living often provides apartment type living along with services and options to meet your specific needs.  A guide with tips for determining if assisted living is right for you can be found here:  http://www.helpguide.org/elder/assisted_living_facilities.htm

For a listing of some of the assisted living facilities in Connecticut follow this link: http://www.ctassistedliving.com/providers

Skilled Nursing Care

When independent housing is no longer an option, please contact our office to get a listing of skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes and rest homes with nursing supervision.  Research may be needed to determine the most appropriate level of care for your needs.