Triad is a national community policing initiative involving law enforcement professionals, older adults and community groups partnerlng to reduce criminal victimization of older persons and enhanclng the delivery of law enforcement services to these individuals.

Triad activities attempt to prevent crime, implement education program and provide assistance to older adult victims of crimes. To reduce the fear of crime prevalent among older Americans, Triad also attempts to identify misconceptions and educate older adults about criminal activity. Triad promotes and facilitates ongoing information exchanges between law enforcement and the older adults they serve.

What are the purpose and goals of TRIAD?

  • To increase awareness of crimes against senior citizens
  • To sponsor programs for senior citizens to reduce fear of crime and educate older citizens about preventative measures they can take to protect themselves.
  • To emphasize the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of senior citizens as crimes.
  • To improve communication and understanding between seniors and law enforcement.
  • To improve communication and understanding of the different roles of elder abuse agencies, and other community organizations. 

As a community leader or individual interested in stopping abuse of older individuals, you can join the efforts of your local Triad.

Contact Senior Resources at 860-887-3561 or 1-800-690-6998 for more information on TRIADs in your area.

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