Under Title III of the Older Americans Act, Senior Resources provides funding for home and community based services.  While not all services are funded in all areas, the following is a list of the various services which may be funded with Older Americans Act funding.  

For information on the availability of the services in your area, please call Senior Resources at 860-887-3561 or 1-800-690-6998.

Senior Resources provides services to assist older individuals, individuals with disabilities, their families and their caregivers.  In addition, we provide funding to community-based agencies for services such as adult day care, homemakers, home health aides and transportation.  

Senior Resources is the designated Area Agency on Aging in Eastern Connecticut and as such is responsible for distributing Title IIIB funds from the Older Americans Act to community-based agencies to provide services to individuals age 60 and older. Funds are allocated to encourage comprehensive and coordinated systems to serve older individuals to:

  • Secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity in a home environment;
  • Remove individual and social barriers to economic and personal independence;
  • Provide a continuum of care for vulnerable older individuals, and
  • Secure the opportunity for older individuals to receive managed in-home and community-based long-term care services.

Title IIID funds of the Older Americans Act for Evidence Based Health Promotion Programs are also available.

Programs We Fund

 Federal Fiscal Year 2022 Timeline
Grant Resources 

The federal Older Americans Act is one of the primary funding sources of activities provided by Senior Resources. Area agencies on aging, like Senior Resources, conduct listening sessions, distribute surveys and review state, local and national efforts to identify the needs of older adults and gaps in services to meet those needs. From that research, a four year Area Plan is developed which outlines the activities which will be conducted over the four year period to provide a comprehensive and coordinated system of services. The following are the priorities for the period of October 2017 – September 2021.



Priority Area 1 - Economic Stability
Goal 1: Promote financial stability through personal planning.
1.1: Enhance and support the provision of conflict free information to empower individuals to make informed health insurance decisions.
1.2: Conduct person-centered eligibility screenings and application assistance to connect individuals to federal and state programs.
1.3: Support the financial and emotional needs of Grandparents raising grandchildren to ease the responsibilities.
1.4: Use technology to distribute information about benefits and services available to enhance personal income.
Priority Area 2 - Long Term Supports and Services
Goal 2: Support the provision of long term care supports and services to enable individuals to remain in their homes.
2.1: Coordinate conflict-free person-centered in-home programs to enable individuals to access long term supports and services.
2.2: Provide transitional services to encompass a broad range of services for people moving from a facility to the community.
2.3: Support and increase access to community based long term supports and services.
2.4: Support and increase the delivery of in-home services in the community through Older American Acts funding.
Priority Area 3 - Healthy Aging
Goal 3: Enhance knowledge and promote healthy aging options and opportunities.
3.1: Promote healthy aging through person-centered education and counseling sessions.
3.2: Promote healthy living through presentations and distribution of information regarding healthy living options and opportunities.
3.3: Support the availability of healthy aging services by providing funding to community based organizations.
Priority Area 4 - Elder Rights
Goal 4: Inform older adults of their rights to be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.
4.1: Promote prevention of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation including financial exploitation.
4.2: Promote awareness of scams and identity theft to avoid financial exploitation.
4.3: Support Legal Services for individuals in need of civil legal representation and counseling to help seniors resolve complex legal issues.
Priority Area 5 - Program Management
Goal 5: Manage efficient programs which make an impact in our communities.
5.1: Identify, recognize and report the impact of service provision.
5.2: Investigate methods to create and measure cost effective, efficient programs.

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